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PowerAMP 플레이어가 다음 메이저 업데이트 이전 알파(Alpha) 버전 업데이트가 배포됐다. 이번 업데이트에서 개발자는 메이저 업데이트에 관한 내역과 함께 알바 버전을 공개했으며 .apk 파일을 다운로드 받아 테스트 해 볼 수 있으나, 아마도 '다수의 버그'를 포함할 수도 있다.

Download Poweramp alpha-build-700


- new audio engine

- Poweramp now uses 32-bit float sample representation

- Poweramp core DSP now uses 64-bit float internal math, helps a lot for accurate high amplification of basses

- Reverb with presets, improved StereoX effects

- Tempo control

- mp3, aac, ogg vorbis, opus and other lossy formats now decoded directly to 32-bit float representaion (no intermediate conversions)

- opus, tak, mka, dsf, dff formats support

- Poweramp now always properly fades in/out and ramps volume changes to avoid clicks and pops during any transitions (resume/pause/seek/etc.)     

- Poweramp now applies gapless smoothing between gapless tracks

- Poweramp now always uses own resampler

- optional SoX very high quality resampler

- output Dithering options

- OpenSL optimized output

- support for 3rd party plugins (DSP/Decoder/Output)

- visualizations

- full support for milkdrop presets

- v1 and v2 (with shaders) presets supported. Support for v2 presets is best on OpenGL ES 3.0 enabled devices

- milkdrop presets can be loaded from sdcard and downloaded as APKs from Play 

- support for 3rd party preset APKs

- spectrum visualizations

- main player right drawer for fast Equ/DSP/Visualizations access

- many other changes, more changes are planned


Planned features for next betas:

- improved Album Art area navigation

- new spectrum-like seekbar

- improved tablet UI

- improved lists

- various plugin APIs published with sample apps

- improved info/tag editing

- some cloud support



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