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XDA에서 엘리트 개발자로 알려진 Chainfire가 넥서스5가 출시되자 마자 유명 루팅 툴인 CF-Root(http://download.chainfire.eu/363/CF-Root/CF-Auto-Root/CF-Auto-Root-hammerhead-hammerhead-nexus5.zip) 라는 오토 루팅(rooting) 툴을 공개했습니다. CF-Root는 구글 레퍼런스인 안드로이드 4.4 기반으로 넥서스4, 넥서스7, 넥서스7 2013, 넥서스10과 안드로이드 4.4 킷캣이 배포되자 마자 업데이트를 제공할 것으로 알려진 HTC One, 모토X 및 구글 에디션 갤럭시S4, HTC One을 지원합니다. 굳이 언급할 필요는 없기는 한데 버라이즌을 통해서 개통된 갤럭시 넥서스에 안드로이드4.4 킷캣이 포팅된 만큼 버라이즌 발 갤럭시 넥서스도 지원됩니다.(via)

CF-Root has been available for many devices and has clocked over 17.5 million downloads. This is not even counting custom ROMs that already include it. Don't be a leech, buy me a beer (and use the "Thanks" button!). Imagine if every CF-Root user has donated me $1... 

What's installed
- SuperSU binary and APK
- Nothing else, that's it.

Installation and usage

- Download the ZIP file (see post below for link)
- Extract the ZIP file
- Boot your device in bootloader/fastboot mode. Usually this can be done by turning your device off, then holding VolUp+VolDown+Power to turn it on.
- Connect your device to your computer using USB

- Windows:
--- Run root-windows.bat

- Linux
--- chmod +x root-linux.sh
--- Run root-linux.sh

- Mac OS X
--- chmod +x root-mac.sh
--- Run root-mac.sh

- Follow the on-screen instructions - watch both the computer and the device !

Note that if your device had not been unlocked before, this procedure will wipe all your data !

Are you having fastboot driver issues? You can find fastboot drivers in many places, but the easiest way is probably just installing the Android SDK.

Did you see the red Android logo during rooting, but SuperSU does not appear? This may sometimes occur due to left-over files and settings, however, you can usually install SuperSU from Google Play at this stage and it'll just work.

Not included - adbd Insecure
As this CF-Root does not include a custom kernel, adb shell does not have root access by default (you can still get it by typing su inside the shell), nor is adb remount supported, nor will adb push and adb pull work on system files. adbd Insecure can be used to remedy this situation. (No idea what this is about ? Don't worry about it !)

CF-Auto-Root homepage

CF-Auto-Root main thread
[CENTRAL] CF-Auto-Root
For requests for new roots and generic discussion - please keep device specific discussion in the thread you are viewing now.
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NOTICE: I do not respond to tech support questions through PM.

XDA(http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2507211)에 올라온 전문으로 DroidLife(http://www.droid-life.com/2013/11/04/how-to-root-the-nexus-5/)에도 잘 정리되어 있군요. 넥서스5가 도착하는데로 디테일한 설명과 함께 추가 포스팅 하도록 하겠습니다.

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